Thursday, May 02, 2013

Visiting the Spring

One of the many wonderful things about our little parcel of land here in Fairview is our water - it is free and it comes from a cool, clear spring.  And it is delicious, as far as water goes.  

Lately though, anytime we have a good long rain our water has turned muddy.  It doesn't last long and it doesn't stop us from drinking it (minerals!), but we would prefer it stay clear.  Wes thinks the muddiness is likely due to some earth-moving we did last fall near the cistern, but it had been 6 months or more since our last visit to the spring so we thought we would go see what was going on up there.  

Our spring is housed, if you can call it that, in a cinderblock box with the hood of an old International truck for a roof.  It has a PVC pipe that runs down the hill, then across the creek about 10 feet in the air.  Once on our side of the creek it takes a 90 degree turn and heads underground to our cistern, which is just behind the house.  It is a high-tech set up, really.  

With Lincoln ready to help, Wes checked for leaks and then added a layer of plastic under the hood to keep any rainwater from leaking in.  Audrey and I stood close by admiring wild flowers and trying to keep away from poison ivy.  

Once the job was done we started for home, but Audrey wasn't ready.  Daddy stayed with her at the creek so she could play "slippy bippy" and Lincoln and I hiked back to the house. 

The explorers were rewarded with an arrowhead they found while watching a millipede.  Lincoln and I had lunch ready when they got back.  It was a good day.